About the Show

Hey! Thanks for listening to Fifteen Mintues with Fuzz! After years of getting burnt out on social media groups, diminishing local news content, and general negativity in the area, I decided to start a show dedicated to pointing out the positive things going on in Washington County, Wisconsin. Whether it's a nonprofit, local event, fun new business, interesting person, or some fantasitc feat, I want to talk about it and prop it up. If you have an idea for the show, email me or send me a message. I want to hear about great things all over Washington County, whether it's in West Bend, Hartford, Germantown, Jackson, Kewaskum, Slinger, Allenton... you name it! Let me know about it! 

About Fuzz

Who am I? Well, for those who don't know, I was the program director and host of "The Morning Buzz with Fuzz" on (now 92.5 WBMZ - Buzz Country). I worked at the station for 11 years before leaving to join the world of advertising. I also spent a brief stint as the voice of the Slinger Super Speedway, and I had another podcast called "Not Bad Dad." 

I'm now a partner and the Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative in West Bend. My wife and I have two great kids and a puppy and we're enjoying life. People always ask if I miss radio, and to be honest, the part I miss is the part I'm doing on this show. So thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!