The Morgan Matthew Foundation with Melissa and Matt Theisen
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The Morgan Matthew Foundation with Melissa and Matt Theisen

In 2021, Melissa and Matthew Theisen of Slinger learned something that no expecting parents should ever have to hear. Their son, Morgan Matthew, was developing with a syndrome called, VACTERL association. This syndrome, affects multiple body systems—including the heart, vertebrae, limbs, the esophagus, and more (VACTERL is an acronym for the various systems).

While the caring and unbelievably talented nurses, doctors, and staff at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin did all they could to save Morgan, he eventually succumbed to his affliction, and passed away.

Through their loss, Melissa and Matt created the Morgan Matthew Foundation. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) that raises critical funds to advance research, care, & treatment for infants with complex medical conditions.

The Theisens join me on this week's episode to tell Morgan's story, talk about their experience at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and tell us how the MMF is giving back to those who care for our most vulnerable kids.

Important dates:

Tuesday, April 11: "MMF Spirit Night" at Chick-Fil-A Menomonee Falls

  • 20% giveback to MMF from 4pm - 8pm
  • Merch sales, music, silent auction, and a photobooth

Saturday, June 10: 2nd Annual MMF Golf Outing

  • Ironwood Golf Course in Sussex, WI
  • Sign-up will be available later in February at

Also, February 7th through the 14th is CHD (congenital heart disease) Awareness Month.

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