Bockfest West Bend with Jay Shambeau & Jess Wildes
Fifteen Minutes with FuzzFebruary 20, 2024x
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Bockfest West Bend with Jay Shambeau & Jess Wildes

As we're rolling through what is usually the coldest part of the season, it's time to set our sights to warmer days. This year, West Bend is hosting its first ever Bockfest celebration. Bockfest is a German tradition that celebrates the end of winter and beginning of spring. Bockfest West Bend takes place at Regner Park in West Bend on Satuday, March 2nd from 11a-5p.

The event features traditional Bock beer brewed by 1840 Brewing Company. The experience is made even more authentic when the "fire tenders" stick a hot poker in your beer, which brings out a frothy, caramelized flavor.

In order to attend, you must purchase your tickets in advance. Each purchase comes with a 24-ounce beer stein and $5 in Bock Bucks that you can use at participating West Bend businesses.

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