Fifteen Minutes
with Fuzz

A podcast showcasing positivity in
Washington County, Wis.


What is 15 Minutes with Fuzz?

This show features positive things happening in and around Washington County, Wisconsin. From West Bend to Hartford, Germantown to Kewaskum, Slinger, Richfield, and all of the communities in our community, I aim to highlight positive people, nonprofit organizations, businesses and events that make the our area great!

Rules for the Show

Here are my rules for the show. You can find plenty of these things on social media and other areas of life. I want Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz to be a place you come for a source of positivity. 

  1. No politics
  2. No negativity or cynicism
  3. No criticism
  4. Keep it short

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Who is Fuzz?

Fuzz Martin

After 15 years in broadcasting, Fuzz left the industry for advertising. He’s now the Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative in West Bend, Wis., where he and his team focus on marketing, social media, and public relations.

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