Authentic Wellness with Missy Propper
Fifteen Minutes with FuzzMay 07, 2024x
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Authentic Wellness with Missy Propper

This week, I chat with Missy Propper from Authentic Wellness located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Missy shares her transformative health journey, how she pivoted into entrepreneurship, and offers practical advice on feeling your best every day.

During our conversation, Missy talks about shedding 100 pounds and maintaining that success through a balanced lifestyle. She turned her personal challenges into a thriving business, providing services like food sensitivity testing and holistic treatments such as reflexology and Reiki. Her focus is on sustainable, personalized wellness plans that genuinely cater to the individual needs of her clients.

We also dive into how she adapts her services to the unique wellness paths of her clients, whether through personal coaching or her corporate wellness initiatives, hoping to make an impact on those right here in our community (and beyond).

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